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How to use PostClues Tool

Step 1: Sign In or sign up to postclues.

Step 2: Setup social networks

  • Click Networks option on left menu, and then you click on Manager account button that same row with the social network which you choose (for example: Facebook, Blogger, Twitter, Linkedin.)

Step 3: Click Posts option on left menu (or New Post button in the top of menu)

  • In new window, you input your news or ads or your information about products in text box control that has message is “write some things here…” (You can use emotion icon to insert your text);
  • Insert image, video by click on those control that are under above control.
  • Click choose social network that you want to post there.
  • Click Publish Post button that is bottom window to post your news as soon as (You can click on clock icon to schedule for your post)

That’s all!